Chess involves an intense intellectual challenge that’s very good for the health of your mind.   Every chess master was once a beginner.   Skilled chess players also have a better than average ability to remember and quickly recognize visual patterns,


This chess course is intended or advanced players who are planning to participate in FIDE Rated chess tournaments across India, at the state or national level. The depth of this course focuses on Grandmaster (GM) techniques and advanced tactics spotting methods. The lessons are carefully designed by FIDE Rated Chess Coaches to deliver the right kind of chess material. The goal is to help a student who is serious about chess play tournaments competitively and strive for higher ratings. The biggest difference at this stage will be the tremendous increase in patience and concentration.

In the Advanced program you will learn

This course is specially designed to advanced players or experienced scholastic chess players ready to take on the world of high-level tournament chess – and succeed! Key features of the Advanced Chess program is that you will figure out how to play any position on the chess board i.e. understanding the essence of every major opening and their typical middle games.

  • Advanced chess tactics, openings, and endgames
  • Positional play and strategy in the middlegame
  • Online practice sessions to analyze games
  • Improving in all areas of the game and advancing the chess level

Key Benefits

The chess for advanced program is suited for those who are planning to participate in National and international tournaments and want to fine tune their strategies. This program is a balance of practice, strategical analysis and all about fine tuning the game to reach professional levels of gameplay and mental stamina. This program helps a player improve their tactical prowess, strategic sense and greatly appreciate and improve positional play. The biggest change at this rank will be the immense increase in patience & concentration. Games get longer and simple blunders are almost non-existent.