Chess involves an intense intellectual challenge that’s very good for the health of your mind.   Every chess master was once a beginner.   Skilled chess players also have a better than average ability to remember and quickly recognize visual patterns,

Beginner Chess Classes

This chess course is intended for beginners who are fresh to the game. The fundamentals & basics are introduced over a course of 3 months to allow the student to meet with the outcomes. At the end of the beginners course, every student should be able to play a complete game without any illegal moves, and have a basic sense of strategical thinking & approach towards Chess. A sense of decision making & calculation technique’s are also learned.

In the Beginner program you will learn

  • Introducing the game and learning the chessboard
  • The basics of chess
  • Online practice sessions to analyze games

Key Benefits

The Chess for beginners program are for those learning how to play Chess for the very first time. In the Beginners Program, the chess lessons are designed to get you started with the rules & objectives. At the end of the beginner course, the child should be in a position to play a complete game and have a basic strategy & approach towards Chess. They can make simple decisions given different positions. A child completing the beginner course will be in a position to play a complete game and start completing in internal tournaments. The topics covered in the beginners course are listed below